Therapeutic Writing

Write Your Self, a course in healing by writing


As a certified coach in the Write Your Self-method, I help people reclaim their voices and stories after experiencing stress or trauma. (writeyourself.com)


Do you have a certain story you would like to write? Do you have a need to find your way back to your own voice and think that writing might be helpful? Would you like to explore writing as an empowering, healing tool?


In this course you take part in a writing process of eight steps where you learn how to create sustainable writing according to the Write Your Self method, and start write your own stories. In the modules, you will receive the support and coaching you need to get started writing and to form writing routines that are suitable for you.


You decide yourself what it is that feels important for you to write about. It could be something that happened to you, recently or long ago. It could also be an abstract feeling that there is something important that has been left unsaid and unprocessed. There is nothing too small or too challenging. You decide.


The cost of writing therapy is 200 USD for eight modules. (The price is lower if you'd rather take web course-version of the course, but note that there will be no feedback included in the web course-version and you go through the exercises completely independently.)


Letter therapy

After finishing the Write Your Self-course, you can continue on with letter therapy, where you write one letter a week that I as a therapist then respond to with the purpose of helping you go deeper and to move on. The price of letter therapy is 250 USD for six letter exchanges.



The word "trauma" has it's origins in the Greek language and means wound. We all experience trauma regardless of who we are and where and how we live - regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation or other factors. A traumatic experience is an experience so overwhelming that they become difficult to handle. What makes an experience strenuous is completely subjective and cannot be decided by anyone other than the directly affected.


Trauma affects individuals but they can also have consequences on societal levels - E.G. sick leave, treatments, unemployment and rehabilitation. If the traumatic experience is of a violent nature it often leads to more violence. If the traumatic experience is directed at a family with children, the children are also affected by it.


Trauma has the ability to drastically change the life of the affected. The subsistence life of the affected needs to be restored and the Self as well as everyday life need to be reconstructed. By writing, this process of restoring can begin.


Trauma can also silence. Shame and fear cover up our experience and our stories and make us feel powerless. But we are not powerless. With the right support and coaching we can write our way back to empowerment. We can find our voices again and write our stories in ways that not only empower ourselves, but also others.


Stories about trauma

Our stories are important. When we own our stories we are also able to write our own endings. Writing, and reflecting on the written, becomes a way of clarifying but also changing thoughts and feelings about a stressful or traumatic experience. Through writing you are given the possibility of putting your life back together after a traumatic experience. Studies have shown that writing about life crisis can affect your health, and that both pain and depression can be improved.



Jag kommer inte skicka reklam, nyhetsbrev

eller annat utan enbart svara på din fråga

Until you make the unconscious consious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

Carl Gustav Jung