Hi! I am originally a social worker and have been working with children and their families within social services. I am now studying to become a psychotherapist and have also finished studies in mindfulness and am now a certified mindfulness instructor.


In the year of 2001 I ended up in total exhaustion after having tried to follow along the stream and work full time while at the same time raising three children. I also thought that cleaning the entire house before Christmas was mandatory, making seven kinds of cookies, cooking loads and loads of food... I would do the laundry while making pancakes! There were these couple of seconds between each pancake that I could maximize... My conscience was also not good about not being able to get home earlier in the day to pick up the kids. In the evening my conscience was bad about not being ambitious enough at work... This lead to a long period of sick leave as the stress made me very sick. The experience later on got me to become a social worker and every since I have wanted to turn to women on their way to exhaustion or trying to get out of it.


In 2015 there was another life-crisis in my life and I eventually took a thaim-out. I went to the island of Koh Lanta in Thailand where I stayed for five months. I was in a big need of figuring out what I wanted my future to look like. Not being willing to expose myself to danger anymore was something I was 100% clear about. On this island I gained the disconnection I needed to find my way back to myself and my voice, my feelings, my intuition. I am so deeply grateful for having done this! It was the starting point of quitting my job, working part-time, kicking off my psychotherapy education, exploring alternative health and spiritually. Nowadays, I am fully occupied by being my own hobby! And you know what - you can do the same.


So... At this point, I offer training in mindfulness as well as distance writing therapy. These are also available as web courses. I am trying to keep the prices low so that as many as possible are able to take part in this. You can read more about my services on each specific page. From the fall of 2019 I am also going to be accepting clients in distance therapy or on site in Stockholm. 

Would you like to see what my thaim-out was like? Instagram: @susannebohlin


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